WordStar Crosswords Answers all Levels

Hereby all Answers and solutions for WordStar Crosswords game created by lcmobileapp79 for Android devices. You have to look at the images and find all words, don’t you know all words? Find below all solutions.

Beginner Pack:

Level 1: Toy, Yard, Dog
Level 2: Beach, Starfish, Purse
Level 3: Rabbit, Cup, Cookie, Flower, Plate
Level 4: Balloons, Cake, Candles, Birthday, Chihuahua, Bowtie
Level 5: Teddybear, Reading, Book, Girl, Sunlight
Level 6: Record, CD, Earbuds, Cassette, Microphone, iPod

Rookie Pack:

Level 7: Scarf, Airplane, Kid, Goggles, Sky, Flying, Aviator
Level 8: Food, Plate, Eyes, Omelette, Smile, Flower
Level 9: Red, Glasses, Bowtie, Cute, Blanket, Baby, Bed, Sleeping
Level 10: Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Dealer, Cards, Suits
Level 11: Shoes, Sunglasses, Belt, Camera, Watch, Phone, Purse
Level 12: Business, Time, Graphs, Charts, Alarm, Laptop

Apprentice Pack:
Skilled Pack:
Underdog Pack:
Specialist Pack:
Clever Pack:
Fanatic Pack:
Skilled Pack:
Elite Pack:
Hotshot Pack:
Pro Pack: