Word Trace Answers All Levels

Yes you are on the right page with all answers and solutions for the game Word Trace created by Fufla SIA for iOS and Android Devices. Stuck and need help? Find over here all solutions to guess all the hidden words.

Word Trace Answers

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Detective Level 1: Baby Animal Answers: Lamb
Detective Level 2: From the Cow Answers: Milk
Detective Level 3: Cat’s Food Answers: Fish
Detective Level 4: on the Beach Answers: Sand
Detective Level 5: in Spring Answers: Kite
Detective Level 6: It’s Bitter Answers: Tear
Detective Level 7: It Waves Answers: Flag
Detective Level 8: Roll It Answers: Ball
Detective Level 9: It Has Wheels Answers: Bike
Detective Level 10: Get Dirty Quickly Answers: Hand
Dog Level 1: Happy Birthday Answers: Cake
Dog Level 2: Stick to You Answers: Glue
Dog Level 3: in the Library Answers: Book
Dog Level 4: Family Member Answers: Aunt
Dog Level 5: Vegetarian Animal Answers: Goat
Dog Level 6: Renewable Energy Answers: Wind
Dog Level 7: Dinnerware Answers: Fork
Dog Level 8: in a Tree Answers: Nest
Dog Level 9: It Gives Light Answers: Bulb
Dog Level 10: for Swimming Answers: Pool
Hat Level 1: Animal Homes Answers: Cave Shell
Hat Level 2: Crops Answers: Rice Wheat
Hat Level 3: on Your Face Answers: Nose Mouth
Hat Level 4: Big Cats Answers: Tiger Lion
Hat Level 5: Animal Sounds Answers: Bark Tweet
Hat Level 6: Greenhouse Answers: Warm Plant
Hat Level 7: Yellow Food Answers: Corn Lemon
Hat Level 8: Drink It Answers: Water Soda
Hat Level 9: in a Kitchen Answers: Apron Dish
Hat Level 10: on the Menu Answers: Salad Soup
Hat Level 11: With Keys Answers: Car Drawer
Hat Level 12: in the Forest Answers: Tree Grass
Hat Level 13: in the Desert Answers: Cactus Dry
Hat Level 14: Famous Cities Answers: Rome Paris
Hat Level 15: for Study Answers: Note Paper
Hat Level 16: in a Classroom Answers: Chair Desk
Hat Level 17: Times of a Day Answers: Night Noon
Hat Level 18: in a Short Time Answers: Quick Fast
Hat Level 19: in Summer Answers: Hot Shorts
Hat Level 20: Weather Answers: Storm Rain
Coat Level 1: Money Answers: Pay Dollar
Coat Level 2: Shopping Answers: Market Buy
Coat Level 3: Halloween Answers: Mask Ghost
Coat Level 4: You Can Live There Answers: Flat Hotel
Coat Level 5: Watercraft Answers: Yacht Ship
Coat Level 6: Wedding Answers: Wish Bride
Coat Level 7: It’s on Your Head Answers: Crown Hair
Coat Level 8: in a House Answers: Floor Wall
Coat Level 9: It’s White Answers: Cloud Snow
Coat Level 10: to Contain Answers: Jar Bottle
Coat Level 11: Sticky Food Answers: Gum Cheese
Coat Level 12: It’s Green Answers: Frog Olive
Coat Level 13: Things With Wings Answers: Plane Bird
Coat Level 14: With Eyes Closed Answers: Pray Sleep
Coat Level 15: Travel by Answers: Taxi Train
Coat Level 16: for Breakfast Answers: Egg Coffee
Coat Level 17: on a Date Answers: Gift Movie
Coat Level 18: to Wear Answers: Watch Coat
Coat Level 19: It’s Sweet Answers: Kiss Candy
Coat Level 20: Emergency Answers: Fire Flood
Gloves Level 1: in Love Answers: Date Crush
Gloves Level 2: It’s Unique Answers: Moon Earth
Gloves Level 3: Musical Instruments Answers: Drum Piano
Gloves Level 4: It Requires Tickets Answers: Cinema Zoo
Gloves Level 5: It Can Swim Answers: Goose Duck
Gloves Level 6: in the Country Answers: Farm Quiet
Gloves Level 7: It Gets You There Answers: Path Trail
Gloves Level 8: It’s Cold Answers: Winter Ice
Gloves Level 9: to Contact a Friend Answers: Call Phone
Gloves Level 10: in Your Bag Answers: Card Purse
Gloves Level 11: to Make You Warm Answers: Hug Gloves
Gloves Level 12: on the Stage Answers: Play Actor
Gloves Level 13: on the Street Answers: Sign Crowd
Gloves Level 14: Daily Routines Answers: Lunch Wake
Gloves Level 15: Served on Bread Answers: Jam Butter
Gloves Level 16: for Reading Answers: News Novel
Gloves Level 17: Have a Seat Answers: Bench Sofa
Gloves Level 18: at Night Answers: Star Dream
Gloves Level 19: Colors in the Sky Answers: White Blue
Gloves Level 20: Formal Wear Answers: Dress Suit
Matches Level 1: on a Shopping List Answers: Beef Towel
Matches Level 2: Used for Gardening Answers: Hoe Shovel
Matches Level 3: Movie Types Answers: War Action
Matches Level 4: Inside Your Car Answers: Brake Seat
Matches Level 5: in a Hospital Answers: Care Nurse
Matches Level 6: Vacation Answers: Travel Fun
Matches Level 7: in a Rainy Day Answers: Mud Puddle
Matches Level 8: in the Bathroom Answers: Tub Shower
Matches Level 9: Volcano Answers: Lava Erupt
Matches Level 10: to Sleep Answers: Bed Pillow
Matches Level 11: Directions Answers: East North
Matches Level 12: on a Map Answers: River Road
Matches Level 13: Landforms Answers: Basin Lake
Matches Level 14: Musical Genres Answers: Jazz Blues
Matches Level 15: Planets Answers: Mars Venus
Matches Level 16: Cooking Methods Answers: Boil Steam
Matches Level 17: Seasonings Answers: Sugar Salt
Matches Level 18: Human Joints Answers: Knee Waist
Matches Level 19: Baked Food Answers: Pie Cookie
Matches Level 20: Meat Answers: Pork Steak
Pipe Level 1: It Follows You Answers: Footprint Dog Name
Pipe Level 2: You Can’t See It Answers: Thought Wind Smell
Pipe Level 3: Titanic Answers: Movie Love Sea Sink
Pipe Level 4: Slow Animals Answers: Snail Sloth Turtle
Pipe Level 5: Can’t Live Without Answers: Earth Oxygen Sleep
Pipe Level 6: It Shines Answers: Gold Diamond Pearl
Pipe Level 7: It Has Stripes Answers: Clothes Flag Zebra
Pipe Level 8: to Tell Time Answers: Watch Sun Computer
Pipe Level 9: With a Face Answers: Cliff Mask You Coin
Pipe Level 10: It covers you Answers: Blanket Insurance
Pipe Level 11: April Fool’s Day Answers: Joke Fool Mischief
Pipe Level 12: Enjoy Your Life Answers: Park Club Carnival
Pipe Level 13: It’s Private Answers: Letter Mail Salary
Pipe Level 14: Cannot Be Bought Answers: Happiness Loyalty
Pipe Level 15: Difficult to Say Answers: Truth Secret Sorry
Pipe Level 16: It Flies Answers: Angel Fly Eagle Bat
Pipe Level 17: Things That Smoke Answers: Cigar Chimney Fire
Pipe Level 18: on a Bus Answers: Driver Ticket Seat
Pipe Level 19: Reasons to Resign Answers: Prospect Distance
Pipe Level 20: to Describe a Girl Answers: Pretty Lovely Cute
Cane Level 1: Smaller Over Time Answers: Soap Candle Pencil
Cane Level 2: Soft and Sweet Answers: Cake Jelly Pudding
Cane Level 3: Eaten With Toast Answers: Egg Vegetable Milk
Cane Level 4: It’s Colorful Answers: World Rainbow Life
Cane Level 5: in a Party Answers: Food Joy Music Wine
Cane Level 6: It’s Going to Rain Answers: Thunder Hurry Gale
Cane Level 7: It Keeps You Awake Answers: Game Exam Chat Work
Cane Level 8: Eat or Drinke Here Answers: Diner Pizzeria Pub
Cane Level 9: Sour Fruit Answers: Plum Mandarin Kiwi
Cane Level 10: Beautiful Flowers Answers: Iris Jasmine Tulip
Cane Level 11: Baby Things Answers: Formula Diaper Bib
Cane Level 12: to Celebrate Answers: Success Promotion
Cane Level 13: Winter Sports Answers: Ski Snowboard Sled
Cane Level 14: Smoked Food Answers: Ham Sausage Salami
Cane Level 15: It’s Purple Answers: Lilac Eggplant Fig
Cane Level 16: in the City Answers: Jam Hospital Noise
Cane Level 17: Summer Time Answers: Lightning Sunburn
Cane Level 18: Travel Answers: Hotel Camera Guide
Cane Level 19: Jewelry Answers: Pearl Anklet Charm
Cane Level 20: Marriage Answers: Wife Wish Ring Love
Pocket Watch Level 1: Dairy Answers: Butter Cheese Milk
Pocket Watch Level 2: Dancing Answers: Leap Hop Twirl Move
Pocket Watch Level 3: on Sale Answers: Crowd Bargain Mall
Pocket Watch Level 4: Thanksgiving Day Answers: Fall Tradition Pie
Pocket Watch Level 5: in a Building Answers: People Toilet Lift
Pocket Watch Level 6: Motor Vehicles Answers: Camper Trailer Car
Pocket Watch Level 7: With Uniforms Answers: Judge Waiter Pilot
Pocket Watch Level 8: It’s Rectangle Answers: Dice Flag Desk Cube
Pocket Watch Level 9: Around Your Neck Answers: Scarf Necklace Tie
Pocket Watch Level 10: He Is Nearsighted Answers: Degree Optist Blur
Pocket Watch Level 11: Live Underground Answers: Seed Ant Mouse Worm
Pocket Watch Level 12: in the Snow Answers: Sled Footprint Ice
Pocket Watch Level 13: Bbq Answers: Grill Outside Salt
Pocket Watch Level 14: Feel Safe Answers: Army Hug Guard Home
Pocket Watch Level 15: the Start Answers: Sprout Spring Baby
Pocket Watch Level 16: a Nice Day Answers: Warm Joy Bright Fun
Pocket Watch Level 17: Creative Jobs Answers: Animator Composer
Pocket Watch Level 18: Brunch Answers: Coffee Weekend Egg
Pocket Watch Level 19: It Produces Heat Answers: Spark Battery Oven
Pocket Watch Level 20: Edible Fish Answers: Squid Salmon Trout
Umbrella Level 1: in the Cafe Answers: Table Cashier Cake
Umbrella Level 2: to Book a Ticket Answers: Passport Discount
Umbrella Level 3: on a Coat Answers: Pocket Button Hood
Umbrella Level 4: Santa Claus Answers: Gift Reindeer Bell
Umbrella Level 5: to Make a Pizza Answers: Meat Oven Inch Bake
Umbrella Level 6: Toys Answers: Brick Whistle Pony
Umbrella Level 7: It’s Noisy Answers: Horn Speaker Alarm
Umbrella Level 8: in a Shell Answers: Oyster Turtle Yolk
Umbrella Level 9: a Rich Man Answers: Boss Car Villa Fame
Umbrella Level 10: to Recover Answers: Medicine Hospital
Umbrella Level 11: Pets Answers: Rabbit Hamster Dog
Umbrella Level 12: Round Things Answers: Disc Ring Coin Ball
Umbrella Level 13: Makeup Answers: Concealer Blusher
Umbrella Level 14: Readings Answers: Story Chapter Page
Umbrella Level 15: It’s Cold-blooded Answers: Lizard Turtle Frog
Umbrella Level 16: Currency Answers: Pound Dollar Rupee
Umbrella Level 17: Kids Still Believe Answers: Santa Mermaid Tale
Umbrella Level 18: on Holiday Answers: Beach Journey Game
Umbrella Level 19: Film-making Answers: Action Script Cast
Umbrella Level 20: Personal Care Answers: Towel Shaver Razor
Torch Level 1: It’s Red Answers: Blood Tomato Heart
Torch Level 2: About Lawns Answers: Grass Insect Green
Torch Level 3: a Detective Needs Answers: Watch Recorder Hat
Torch Level 4: Make a Baby Happy Answers: Kiss Hug Candy Game
Torch Level 5: It’s Hot Answers: Fire Sun Stove Soup
Torch Level 6: a Period of Time Answers: Lifetime Eternity
Torch Level 7: to Tell a Story Answers: Course Origin Plot
Torch Level 8: They Are Birds Answers: Heron Ostrich Dodo
Torch Level 9: It’s Transparent Answers: Water Ice Glass Air
Torch Level 10: I ‘m Tired Answers: Spa Bed Massage Nap
Torch Level 11: Rising Answers: Smoke Balloon Tide
Torch Level 12: in Autumn Answers: Halloween Harvest
Torch Level 13: It Tastes Answers: Sour Terrible Good
Torch Level 14: Collectables Answers: Wine Coin Rock Doll
Torch Level 15: Better With Time Answers: Love Life Pain Hurt
Torch Level 16: You Often Lose It Answers: Weight Wallet Time
Torch Level 17: It Stings Answers: Wasp Jellyfish Bee
Torch Level 18: Allergic to It Answers: Dairy Cat Grass Fur
Torch Level 19: It’s Closed Answers: Door Eye Chest Shop
Torch Level 20: Black Animals Answers: Raven Gorilla Crow
Fingerprint Level 1: It’s Soft Answers: Jelly Cushion Silk
Fingerprint Level 2: Places to Drink Answers: Cafe Pub Tavern Bar
Fingerprint Level 3: in the Sky Answers: Star Moon Hawk Bird
Fingerprint Level 4: Famous Cities Answers: Sydney Berlin Rome
Fingerprint Level 5: Geography Answers: River Mountain Sea
Fingerprint Level 6: on a Clock Answers: Hand Time Hour Face
Fingerprint Level 7: Beverages Answers: Cola Tea Water Soda
Fingerprint Level 8: Gardening Answers: Plant Flower Mower
Fingerprint Level 9: Parts of Your Hand Answers: Wrist Finger Thumb
Fingerprint Level 10: Morning Sounds Answers: Clock Rooster Bird
Fingerprint Level 11: Pleasant Smells Answers: Fragrance Perfume
Fingerprint Level 12: Green Vegetables Answers: Celery Cabbage Pea
Fingerprint Level 13: Camping Answers: Roast Hammock Star
Fingerprint Level 14: Positive Feelings Answers: Proud Delight Bold
Fingerprint Level 15: Ocean Plants Answers: Algae Seaweed Kelp
Fingerprint Level 16: With Strings Answers: Guitar Violin Bass
Fingerprint Level 17: to Make Wine Answers: Grape Barrel Press
Fingerprint Level 18: Beach Wear Answers: Sunscreen Tankini
Fingerprint Level 19: Eat in One Bite Answers: Nut Cherry Cracker
Fingerprint Level 20: Weather Forecast Answers: Stormy Shower Damp
Magnifier Level 1: School Members Answers: Secretary Assistant Teacher
Magnifier Level 2: Dance Styles Answers: Waltz Tango Disco Salsa Samba
Magnifier Level 3: Habitats Answers: Forest River Grassland Swamp
Magnifier Level 4: Halloween Horror Answers: Blood Beast Skull Witch Scare
Magnifier Level 5: Leisure Answers: Dance Read Museum Sport Craft
Magnifier Level 6: Words on Signs Answers: Warning Safe Straight Danger
Magnifier Level 7: Hair Salon Answers: Length Wig Customer Hair Trim
Magnifier Level 8: in the Zoo Answers: Feeder Ticket Giraffe Animal
Magnifier Level 9: Happen in the Brain Answers: Upset Sad Pleasant Happy Fear
Magnifier Level 10: Desserts Answers: Cupcake Tart Custard Brownie
Magnifier Level 11: Valentine’s Day Answers: Sweet Hug Chocolate Date Rose
Magnifier Level 12: Entertainment Answers: Movie Sing Circus Opera Party
Magnifier Level 13: It Jumps or Hops Answers: Rabbit Hare Cricket Frog Toad
Magnifier Level 14: Space Travel Answers: Gravity Orbit Shuttle Rocket
Magnifier Level 15: White Food Answers: Flour Milk Garlic Cream Sugar
Magnifier Level 16: Hobbies Answers: Football Jog Badminton Paint
Magnifier Level 17: Fishing Answers: River Rod Tackle Bait Net Boat
Magnifier Level 18: Election Answers: Campaign Vote Majority Lobby
Magnifier Level 19: Feathered Friends Answers: Parrot Duck Ostrich Crow Swan
Magnifier Level 20: Seafood Answers: Scallop Crab Lobster Seaweed
Footprint Level 1: Computer Answers: Tablet Mouse Keyboard Screen
Footprint Level 2: to Make You Proud Answers: Family Degree Charity Praise
Footprint Level 3: About Environment Answers: Recycle Save Ecosystem Waste
Footprint Level 4: New Year Answers: Midnight Hope Firework Cheer
Footprint Level 5: in a Wedding Answers: White Ring Church Bride Dress
Footprint Level 6: Water Answers: Stream Well Spring River Lake
Footprint Level 7: Candy Answers: Lollipop Gum Chocolate Fudge
Footprint Level 8: Ancient Buildings Answers: Temple Castle Pyramid Palace
Footprint Level 9: in the Air Answers: Oxygen Fog Moisture Smell Gas
Footprint Level 10: Earth Day Answers: Protect Reuse Recycle Energy
Footprint Level 11: a Place to Party Answers: Hotel Bar House Beach Pub Club
Footprint Level 12: Help to Move Answers: Muscle Leg Crutch Nerve Joint
Footprint Level 13: Electronics Answers: Tablet Laptop Headset Camera
Footprint Level 14: About Birds Answers: Habitat Nest Migration Hatch
Footprint Level 15: in the Bedroom Answers: Pillow Bed Blanket Quilt Lamp
Footprint Level 16: Parts of a Building Answers: Window Door Ceiling Roof Wall
Footprint Level 17: Produce Answers: Fruit Nut Vegetable Crop Meat
Footprint Level 18: at Night Answers: Light Owl Sleep Dark Star Moon
Footprint Level 19: Easter Answers: Present Bunny Children Jesus
Footprint Level 20: Health Answers: Exercise Diet Nutrition Care
Tape Measure Level 1: Grain Answers: Cereal Rice Barley Wheat Corn
Tape Measure Level 2: Places for Learning Answers: College Study Library School
Tape Measure Level 3: Traffic Answers: Subway Jam Vehicle Light Sign
Tape Measure Level 4: Skin Care Answers: Remover Cream Essence Lotion
Tape Measure Level 5: Messy Foods Answers: Pasta Taco Burger Pizza Sauce
Tape Measure Level 6: Used for Cooking Answers: Roaster Oven Griddle Braiser
Tape Measure Level 7: Metal Answers: Bronze Tin Nickle Copper Iron
Tape Measure Level 8: in the Universe Answers: Planet Alien Creature Galaxy
Tape Measure Level 9: Art Answers: Design Craft Sculpture Music
Tape Measure Level 10: Musical Instruments Answers: Ukulele Drum Harmonica Piano
Tape Measure Level 11: Chemistry Answers: Carbon Metal Reaction Oxygen
Tape Measure Level 12: Continents Answers: Africa Asia Australia Europe
Tape Measure Level 13: Solve a Case Answers: Murder Blood Footprint Truth
Tape Measure Level 14: About Father Answers: Reliable Strong Hero Support
Tape Measure Level 15: Places for Sports Answers: Court Slope Gym Field Stadium
Tape Measure Level 16: It’s Green Answers: Tree Frog Hulk Weed Grass Leaf
Tape Measure Level 17: Vehicles Answers: Moped Boat Ship Yacht Scooter
Tape Measure Level 18: Jobs Needing Gloves Answers: Gardener Cleaner Vet Dentist
Tape Measure Level 19: at Christmas Answers: Merry Jesus Snow Santa Winter
Tape Measure Level 20: Publications Answers: Magazine Comic Novel Journal
Chess Level 1: Exercise Answers: Jump Walk Run Puzzle Strength
Chess Level 2: Small Birds Answers: Sparrow Magpie Robin Swallow
Chess Level 3: Spring Time Answers: Sow Rain Grass Melt Flower Bud
Chess Level 4: Ball Sports Answers: Bowling Tennis Hockey Soccer
Chess Level 5: About a Gift Answers: Surprise Ribbon Wrap Receive
Chess Level 6: a Human’s Life Answers: Youth Death Baby Adult Senior
Chess Level 7: Supermarket Answers: Vegetable Meat Pot Commodity
Chess Level 8: in the Restaurant Answers: Customer Waiter Menu Service
Chess Level 9: Precious Metal Answers: Platinum Silver Gold Bullion
Chess Level 10: Energy Answers: Fuel Coal Wind Solar Gasoline
Chess Level 11: Apparel Accessories Answers: Bag Hat Scarf Belt Glasses Tie
Chess Level 12: Leafy Vegetable Answers: Spinach Sprout Chard Lettuce
Chess Level 13: Oral Care Answers: Teeth Brace Gum Floss Dentist
Chess Level 14: Fast Food Answers: Hamburger Pizza Fry Sandwich
Chess Level 15: It’s Liquid Answers: Wine Beer Milk Water Beverage
Chess Level 16: in the Morning Answers: Sunshine Shower Wash Stretch
Chess Level 17: It’s Hard Answers: Stone Rock Bone Shell Success
Chess Level 18: Help Each Other Answers: Sibling Family Friend Couple
Chess Level 19: It’s Above You Answers: Cloud Star Moon Light Ceiling
Chess Level 20: Sad Answers: Gloom Cry Sob Whimper Comfort
Poker Level 1: Earth Surface Answers: Human Ocean Land Plant Animal
Poker Level 2: Gemstone Answers: Sapphire Garnet Opal Diamond
Poker Level 3: It’s Blue Answers: Pool Mood Sky Ocean Blueberry
Poker Level 4: Baby Feeding Answers: Nutrition Bottle Bib Formula
Poker Level 5: to Take a Note Answers: Clue Word Text Paper Computer
Poker Level 6: in a Gym Answers: Punchbag Energy Mat Exercise
Poker Level 7: a Man’s Life Answers: Groom Uncle Boy Family Father
Poker Level 8: Worn in the Hair Answers: Headband Crown Tiara Hairpin
Poker Level 9: Black and White Answers: Piano Skunk Cow Zebra Penguin
Poker Level 10: Fast Answers: Rapid Hurry Flash Hasty Quick
Poker Level 11: Large Animals Answers: Crocodile Dinosaur Elephant
Poker Level 12: Firefighting Answers: Hurry Help Life Rescue Danger
Poker Level 13: on the Playground Answers: Fountain Swing Slide Sandbox
Poker Level 14: Safari Park Answers: Visit Wild Zoo Animal Reserve
Poker Level 15: in a Car Answers: Brake Light Wheel Radio Speed
Poker Level 16: Playing Basketball Answers: Score Foul Jump Basket Bounce
Poker Level 17: Bike Parts Answers: Tire Frame Pedal Chain Saddle
Poker Level 18: Bathroom Answers: Basin Stool Sink Potty Toilet
Poker Level 19: on the Keyboard Answers: Pause Shift End Delete Insert
Poker Level 20: Tropical Fruit Answers: Coconut Papaya Mango Avocado
Compass Level 1: Tea Answers: Black Drink Leaf Green Teapot
Compass Level 2: on the Coast Answers: Wave Port Pier Rock Beach Tide
Compass Level 3: Insects Answers: Butterfly Moth Spider Bee Ant
Compass Level 4: Drink Out of It Answers: Container Bowl Bottle Cup Mug
Compass Level 5: Large Birds Answers: Ostrich Pelican Peafowl Swan
Compass Level 6: Small Appliances Answers: Blender Juicer Toaster Mixer
Compass Level 7: Sports Equipment Answers: Mittens Helmet Skates Racket
Compass Level 8: Parts of a Bird Answers: Beak Crown Claw Neck Tail Wing
Compass Level 9: Shoes Answers: Slipper Flat Sandal Boot Clog
Compass Level 10: Get Dirty Quickly Answers: Clothes Apron House Pants Bib
Compass Level 11: It’s Sealed Answers: Document Parcel Envelope Can
Compass Level 12: Types of Festivals Answers: Carnival Film Music Food Beer
Compass Level 13: Farm Animals Answers: Turkey Horse Sheep Goose Duck
Compass Level 14: It’s Bitter Answers: Medicine Coffee Failure Tear
Compass Level 15: Ways to Pay Answers: Paypal Check Online Card Debt
Compass Level 16: Ask a Stranger Answers: Direction Ride Name Time Help
Compass Level 17: Italian Food Answers: Macaroni Salami Gelato Pasta
Compass Level 18: Planets Answers: Mercury Saturn Jupiter Venus
Compass Level 19: in the Desert Answers: Scorpion Sand Camel Dune Palm
Compass Level 20: Water Creatures Answers: Starfish Coral Octopus Squid
Binoculars Level 1: School Answers: Knowledge Teacher Homework Friend Lesson
Binoculars Level 2: Months Answers: January July March November June April May
Binoculars Level 3: Feel Bad Answers: Despair Bankrupt Breakup Pain Scary Tense
Binoculars Level 4: in an Office Answers: Projector Scanner Telephone Binder Chair
Binoculars Level 5: Rooms Answers: Cellar Basement Lounge Attic Lobby Pantry
Binoculars Level 6: Leaders Answers: President Premier Governor General Mayor
Binoculars Level 7: Trade Answers: Ownership Customs Shipping Credit Import
Binoculars Level 8: Building Materials Answers: Marble Metal Stone Plastic Steel Brick Mud
Binoculars Level 9: Mythical Creatures Answers: Zombie Monster Phoenix Demon Fairy Dragon
Binoculars Level 10: on the Farm Answers: Farmer Grass Grain Machine Fowl Stable Pet
Binoculars Level 11: Study of the Past Answers: Ancient Heritage History Book Tomb Museum
Binoculars Level 12: Myth Answers: Werewolf Phoenix Monster Vampire Unicorn
Binoculars Level 13: Fruit Answers: Banana Pineapple Mulberry Pear Kiwi Apple
Binoculars Level 14: China Answers: Kongfu Oriental Populous Tea Panda Dragon
Binoculars Level 15: Music Answers: Singer Composer Musician Tune Album Lyric
Binoculars Level 16: Science Answers: Pharmacy Research Medicine Biology Study
Binoculars Level 17: Used for Farming Answers: Sickle Harvester Grubber Rake Fork Harrow
Binoculars Level 18: Language Answers: Japanese Italian Spanish Chinese Russian
Binoculars Level 19: in Polar Regions Answers: Walrus Explore Penguin Seal Eskimo Aurora
Binoculars Level 20: in the Park Answers: People Exercise Leisure Relax Store Bench
Lamp Level 1: Time Answers: Present Tomorrow Quarter Past Noon Future
Lamp Level 2: Negative Feelings Answers: Sorrow Miserable Hesitant Sad Fear Guilty
Lamp Level 3: in Winter Answers: Chilly Christmas Blizzard Ski Cold Hockey
Lamp Level 4: Jobs Answers: Volunteer Courier Engineer Teller Waiter
Lamp Level 5: Checking Out Answers: Receipt Card Money Baggage Pay Cashier Tip
Lamp Level 6: Business Answers: Handshake Meeting Negotiate Client Group
Lamp Level 7: House Types Answers: Temple Bungalow Castle Cabin Villa Palace
Lamp Level 8: on a Boat Answers: Rudder Propeller Captain Deck Sail Anchor
Lamp Level 9: Travel Documents Answers: Passport Identity Validate Resume Number
Lamp Level 10: Prepare for Wedding Answers: Flower Frame Napkin Fabric Wine Candle Box
Lamp Level 11: Mathematics Answers: Divide Equal Minus Multiply Odd Number Add
Lamp Level 12: Games Answers: Player Strategy Action Rule Arcade Mobile
Lamp Level 13: Family Members Answers: Nephew Grandpa Grandma Aunt Mother Cousin
Lamp Level 14: Clothes Answers: Jacket Leggings Blazer Coat Shorts Blouse
Lamp Level 15: Shapes Answers: Triangle Polygon Cylinder Rhombus Square
Lamp Level 16: Banking Answers: Allowance Account Finance Service Credit
Lamp Level 17: Military Answers: Defend Training General Army Guard Weapon
Lamp Level 18: School Subjects Answers: Biology Physics History Art Music Science
Lamp Level 19: Email Answers: Subject Sent Inbox Message Copy Trash Text
Lamp Level 20: for Entertainment Answers: Comedy Broadcast Record Radio Drama Video
Telephone Level 1: Insurance Types Answers: Disaster Annuity Accident Vehicle Travel
Telephone Level 2: Cooking Answers: Braise Grill Steam Simmer Bake Recipe Stew
Telephone Level 3: Education Answers: Major Bachelor Graduate Grade Class Pupil
Telephone Level 4: a Woman’s Life Answers: Daughter Grandma Marriage Wedding Mother
Telephone Level 5: Useing Your Camera Answers: Photo Shoot Scene Pose Zoom Focus Lens Film
Telephone Level 6: Historical Events Answers: Election Timeline Movement Reform Battle
Telephone Level 7: Found in a Sentence Answers: Adverb Adjective Meaning Dash Noun Phrase
Telephone Level 8: the Police Answers: Arrest Handcuffs Uniform Mace Baton Badge
Telephone Level 9: in the Hotel Answers: Bellboy Reception Service Bar Suite Guest
Telephone Level 10: Dwellings Answers: Plaza Cabin Loft Hut Inn Building Cave Flat
Telephone Level 11: on the Wall Answers: Switch Graffiti Scrawl Photo Clock Mirror
Telephone Level 12: for Making Dessert Answers: Butter Milk Cream Chocolate Oven Sugar Egg
Telephone Level 13: Investing Answers: Future Fund Stock Security Bond House Gold
Telephone Level 14: European Countries Answers: Russia Ireland Germany Swiss Spain Poland
Telephone Level 15: Fairy Tales Answers: Sprite Princess Castle Dwarf Fable Prince
Telephone Level 16: to Find the Truth Answers: Reality Evidence Observe Clue Seek Police
Telephone Level 17: Washing Clothes Answers: Bleach Softener Cleaner Iron Dryer Washer
Telephone Level 18: Travel Destinations Answers: Museum Aquarium Heritage Zoo Beach Island
Telephone Level 19: Stains on Clothes Answers: Juice Blood Sauce Oil Mud Ketchup Ink Paint
Telephone Level 20: Root Vegetable Answers: Carrot Radish Potato Turnip Ginger Garlic
Telegraph Level 1: Fashion Answers: Brand Trend Paris Clothes Stage Milan Show
Telegraph Level 2: Presents for Kids Answers: Snack Barbie Doll Pet Toy Dessert Lego Bike
Telegraph Level 3: It Keeps You Awake Answers: Phone Worry Work Chat Exam Coffee Game Baby
Telegraph Level 4: to Graduate Answers: Degree Separate Research Move Paper Photo
Telegraph Level 5: Weekday Answers: Wednesday Tuesday Thursday Friday Monday
Telegraph Level 6: in Your Body Answers: Throat Heart Colon Stomach Bone Blood Cell
Telegraph Level 7: Acquire Knowledge Answers: Life Video Library Website Teacher School
Telegraph Level 8: Cleaning Tools Answers: Cloth Brush Scrubber Gloves Bucket Duster
Telegraph Level 9: in the Dining Room Answers: Cupboard Dish Cabinet Bowl Chair Spoon Jar
Telegraph Level 10: Flowers Answers: Lilac Carnation Sunflower Camellia Peony
Telegraph Level 11: Juicy Fruit Answers: Melon Tangerine Starfruit Coconut Orange
Telegraph Level 12: Painting Answers: Portrait Ink Pencil Paint Paper Sketch Art
Telegraph Level 13: Snacks Answers: Bagel Toast Pretzel Biscuit Cracker Chips
Telegraph Level 14: Measurement Units Answers: Gallon Gram Inch Pound Yard Mile Pint Ounce
Telegraph Level 15: in the Rainforest Answers: Mushroom Rain Native Bird Beast River Tree
Telegraph Level 16: American Countries Answers: Cuba Canada Colombia Mexico Panama Brazil
Telegraph Level 17: With Sharp Teeth Answers: Squirrel Rat Hamster Tiger Mouse Shark Dog
Telegraph Level 18: Places of Arts Answers: Opera Palace Gallery Museum Studio Cinema
Telegraph Level 19: in a Court Answers: Law Jury Defendant Accuser Justice Lawyer
Telegraph Level 20: Thanksgiving Food Answers: Cider Salad Dessert Biscuit Eggnog Turkey
Book Level 1: Coffee Answers: Mocha Black Caffeine Expresso Syrup Sugar
Book Level 2: in an Exam Answers: Teacher Fail Student Pass Score Paper Time
Book Level 3: Climate Answers: Moisture Dry Monsoon Wet Humid Drought Fog
Book Level 4: Olympics Answers: Victory Oath Symbol Medal Venue Torch Host
Book Level 5: Work in an Office Answers: Clerk Recruiter Executive Manager Leader
Book Level 6: Artists Answers: Poet Actor Sculptor Painter Dancer Singer
Book Level 7: Smell Before Buying Answers: Soap Flower Shampoo Perfume Lotion Candle
Book Level 8: Shopping Online Answers: Ebay Price Address Deliver Express Amazon
Book Level 9: Circus Answers: Laugh Stage Magician Juggler Animal Clown
Book Level 10: on Halloween Answers: Candy Guise October Costume Dinner Spirit
Book Level 11: Famous Universities Answers: Duke Yale Stanford Harvard Cornell Oxford
Book Level 12: Mother’s Day Answers: Gift Love Carnation Celebrate Flower Card
Book Level 13: Air Transportation Answers: Jet Plane Aircraft Airport Luggage Flight
Book Level 14: Make Things Right Answers: Test Amend Justify Testify Correct Repair
Book Level 15: Track and Field Answers: Race Hurdle Marathon Sprint Discus Record
Book Level 16: Occupations Answers: Chef Cook Advisor Analyst Cashier Trainer
Book Level 17: Charity Answers: Poor Orphan Auction Banquet Donate Virtue
Book Level 18: at the Beauty Salon Answers: Facial Lips Care Body Nail Skin Perm Lotion
Book Level 19: Do Something Wrong Answers: Fault Sorry Apology Mistake Punish Guilty
Book Level 20: Hiking Answers: Landscape Log Compass Bag Walk Explore Map
Newspaper Level 1: Tools Answers: Shovel Ruler Wrench Broom Drill Ladder Axe
Newspaper Level 2: a Rich Man Answers: Property Fame Charity Boss Villa Money Car
Newspaper Level 3: It Follows You Answers: Footprint Kid Toddler Name Luck Shadow Dog
Newspaper Level 4: Happiness Answers: Laugh Sweet Pleasure Chuckle Giggle Smile
Newspaper Level 5: Positive Answers: Good Best Confident Hopeful Better Active
Newspaper Level 6: Match Answers: Game Prize Olympics Opponent Winner Award
Newspaper Level 7: With Your Phone Answers: Call Screen Contact Message Button Camera
Newspaper Level 8: in the Study Answers: Computer Pen Lamp Chair File Desk Ink Shelf
Newspaper Level 9: Successful Answers: Tear Happiness Celebrate Hardwork Effort
Newspaper Level 10: for Fitness Answers: Barbell Fit Bike Shape Diet Ball Gym Muscle
Newspaper Level 11: Travel Guides Answers: Tip Plan Transport Landmark Activity Food
Newspaper Level 12: Human Resources Answers: Check Train Payroll Dismiss Salary Manage
Newspaper Level 13: It Is Infinite Answers: Right Power Potential Number Desire Truth
Newspaper Level 14: to Register Answers: Code Email Password Username Gender Phone
Newspaper Level 15: Human Personalities Answers: Kind Naive Generous Selfish Temper Grumpy
Newspaper Level 16: Meals Answers: Lunch Snack Breakfast Supper Dinner Drink
Newspaper Level 17: With Spots Answers: Cat Dog Ladybird Football Giraffe Leopard
Newspaper Level 18: Weight-loss Answers: Diet Slim Vegetable Fitness Control Sport
Newspaper Level 19: Bag Answers: Wallet Backpack Suitcase Handbag Luggage
Newspaper Level 20: Grassland Animals Answers: Antelope Wolf Cattle Goat Sheep Horse Bull
Files Level 1: Cannot Be Bought Answers: Friend Talent Wisdom Family Beauty Health
Files Level 2: Pet Supplies Answers: Shampoo Comb Collar Leash Treat Feeder Toy
Files Level 3: Beautiful Answers: Park Girl Princess Garment Scenery Garden
Files Level 4: Golf Answers: Outdoor Hook Course Swing Round Shoot Hole
Files Level 5: Put It Off Answers: Schedule Plan Cleaning Date Work Bill Wake
Files Level 6: With Letters Answers: Email Sheet Magazine Website Slogan Brand
Files Level 7: Floating Answers: Seaweed Boat Ship Foam Leaf Wood Raft Yacht
Files Level 8: Freedom Answers: Peace Right Release Pursuit Liberty Dream
Files Level 9: Public Facilities Answers: Airport Road Bridge Plant Sewer Tunnel Dam
Files Level 10: Claw-free Animals Answers: Fish Snail Elephant Giraffe Monkey Donkey
Files Level 11: It Can Melt Answers: Sugar Metal Plastic Glacier Candle Butter
Files Level 12: Help to Recall Answers: Sketch Diary Place Video Voice Smell Photo
Files Level 13: It Grows Quickly Answers: Technique Baby People Tide Hair Price Wave
Files Level 14: About a Princess Answers: Queen Dress Gemstone Prince Disney Pretty
Files Level 15: Good for Morale Answers: Praise Confident Stimulate Reward Speech
Files Level 16: With Keys Answers: Keyboard Safe Luggage Lock Door Drawer Car
Files Level 17: It’s Slippery Answers: Lotion Ice Peel Glass Soap Floor Oil Butter
Files Level 18: It Can Be Buried Answers: Antique Seed Coffin Gold Relic Secret Leaf
Files Level 19: Repeat It in a Day Answers: Toilet Wash Talk Drink Chat Walk Move Blink
Files Level 20: With Buttons Answers: Iron Jeans Keyboard Computer Remote Dryer
Quill Pen Level 1: Nationalities Answers: American Dutch Greek English German Korean Swiss Chinese
Quill Pen Level 2: Body Building Answers: Dumbbell Sweat Coach Persist Muscle Energy Tire Exercise
Quill Pen Level 3: a Pair of Answers: Glasses Crutches Skates Slippers Eyes Earrings Scissors
Quill Pen Level 4: Foreign Affairs Answers: Embassy Language Summit Diplomat Peace Strategy Culture
Quill Pen Level 5: Western Cowboy Answers: Boots Cattle Hat America Ranch Rope Bull Texas Strap Horse
Quill Pen Level 6: Amusement Park Answers: Scream Holiday Train Facility Castle Show Children Clown
Quill Pen Level 7: Pharmacy Answers: Bandage Symptom Aspirin Medicine Pill Injection Disease
Quill Pen Level 8: to Make a Pizza Answers: Sauce Pepper Bake Tomato Recipe Oven Base Beef Cheese Inch
Quill Pen Level 9: Pirate Answers: Ocean Skull Hook Treasure Island Flag Captain Sailor Kill
Quill Pen Level 10: It’s Red Answers: Blood Heart Rose Raspberry Cherry Wine Tongue Tomato Lips
Quill Pen Level 11: Wild Animals Answers: Wolf Penguin Ape Kangaroo Bear Seal Frog Puma Cheetah Deer
Quill Pen Level 12: It’s Dark Answers: Black Sewer Night Basement Cellar Cave Tunnel Cosmos Evil
Quill Pen Level 13: With Risk Answers: Invest Skydive Bungee Explore Venture Fund Jaywalk Stock
Quill Pen Level 14: to Rent a House Answers: Lease Property Seal Contract Roommate Sign Landlord Cost
Quill Pen Level 15: Colors Answers: Brown Yellow Red Purple Orange Pink Blue Gold Silver Green
Quill Pen Level 16: to Describe a Man Answers: Tough Faithful Brave Handsome Honest Cool Ambitious Tall
Quill Pen Level 17: the End Answers: Finish Graduate Period Complete Result Separate Breakup
Quill Pen Level 18: Think Answers: Assume Consider Deduce Conclude Wonder Meditate Imagine
Quill Pen Level 19: It’s Cylindrical Answers: Pillar Bucket Jar Column Bamboo Tube Can Pipe Candle Chalk
Quill Pen Level 20: It Can Swim Answers: Goose Shrimp Dog Tadpole Turtle Frog Crab Fish People Swan
Letter Level 1: Dangerous Jobs Answers: Police Soldier Roofer Stuntman Logger Fisherman Fireman
Letter Level 2: Fattening Food Answers: Chips Cream Pizza Lollipop Burger Nut Cookie Cheese Fries
Letter Level 3: First Aid Answers: Stretcher Bandage Call Gauze Injection Tape Alcohol Wipe
Letter Level 4: on the Farm Answers: Animal Grass Hay Weed Machine Grain Stable Farmer Pet Crop
Letter Level 5: Magic Answers: Amazing Show Carpet Vanish Magician Trick Pigeon Wand Hat
Letter Level 6: Middle Ages Answers: Knight Queen Bow Duke Carriage Arrow Noble Castle War King
Letter Level 7: After Retirement Answers: Leisure Cook Relax Travel Exercise Visit Invest Rest Golf
Letter Level 8: Pregnant Answers: Careful Mother Test Parent Nutrition Birth Examine Tired
Letter Level 9: Feel Bad Answers: Breakup Failure Sick Guilty Bankrupt Scary Despair Tense
Letter Level 10: It Requires Tickets Answers: Concert Plane Cinema Circus Gallery Subway Museum Bus Zoo
Letter Level 11: Things Going Around Answers: Satellite Tornado Fan Wheel Whirlpool Ball Windmill Mars
Letter Level 12: It Makes You Happy Answers: Shopping Present Promotion Success Hug Dessert Vacation
Letter Level 13: You Can’t See It Answers: Gravity Freedom Sound Taste Bacteria Smell Thought Ghost
Letter Level 14: Titanic Answers: Tragedy Cruise Movie Rescue Iceberg Death Diamond Memory
Letter Level 15: Reasons to Resign Answers: Distance Money Time Leave Colleague Check Prospect Tired
Letter Level 16: Smaller Over Time Answers: Computer Candle Chalk Pencil Lipstick Cigar Eraser Phone
Letter Level 17: It’s Colorful Answers: Balloon Rainbow Life Pencil Lollipop Dream Peacock World
Letter Level 18: in a Party Answers: Friend Music Game Wine Balloon Drink Dance Social Joy Food
Letter Level 19: Baby Things Answers: Stroller Rattle Crib Cradle Pacifier Pram Monitor Bottle
Letter Level 20: to Celebrate Answers: Birthday Victory Festival Holiday Toast Wedding Success
Safe Level 1: in the City Answers: Hospital Road School Market Building Noise Street Jam Car
Safe Level 2: Travel Answers: Schedule Ticket Hike Camera Currency Tour Holiday Cruise
Safe Level 3: Jewelry Answers: Earrings Peridot Necklace Bracelet Pearl Watch Amethyst
Safe Level 4: Thanksgiving Day Answers: Reunion Autumn Pie Friend Tradition Thank Harvest Turkey
Safe Level 5: With Uniforms Answers: General Waiter Navy Police Military Pilot Officer Doctor
Safe Level 6: Bbq Answers: Friend Salt Happy Pepper Delicious Sauce Hungry Coal Meat
Safe Level 7: the Start Answers: Sunrise Birth First Sprout Initiate Begin Spring Baby Bud
Safe Level 8: a Nice Day Answers: Breeze Lucky Sunny Clear Cloudless Happy Bright Warm Date
Safe Level 9: School Members Answers: Assistant Secretary Principal Director Student Teacher
Safe Level 10: It Produces Heat Answers: Spark Fire Bulb Lamp Friction Fuel Steam Battery Oven Body
Safe Level 11: to Book a Ticket Answers: Passport Flight Card Demand Discount Money Consult Price
Safe Level 12: to Make a Pizza Answers: Cheese Dough Beef Base Tomato Onion Sauce Recipe Bake Inch
Safe Level 13: to Recover Answers: Treatment Doctor Injection Hospital Care Rest Operation
Safe Level 14: Film-making Answers: Script Actor Scene Music Dialogue Shoot Action Movie Cast
Safe Level 15: a Period of Time Answers: Lifetime Quarter Eternity Century Season Decade Forever
Safe Level 16: to Tell a Story Answers: Climax Origin Thing Ending Character Place Reason Course
Safe Level 17: Collectables Answers: Comic Stamp Coin Doll Painting Rock Album Antique Toy Wine
Safe Level 18: House Types Answers: Cottage Castle Barn Temple Bungalow Cabin Mansion Palace
Safe Level 19: It Stings Answers: Mosquito Needle Bee Cactus Jellyfish Rose Scorpion Knife
Safe Level 20: at Christmas Answers: December Present Cold Winter Reindeer Snow Stocking Pray
Lock Level 1: Positive Feelings Answers: Cheerful Hopeful Glad Brave Confident Bold Delight Happy
Lock Level 2: Weather Forecast Answers: Stormy Foggy Clear Shower Cloudy Sunny Frosty Rainy Snowy
Lock Level 3: Brunch Answers: Weekend Bacon Lunch Juice Breakfast Bread Coffee Late Tea
Lock Level 4: Family Members Answers: Grandpa Mother Aunt Nephew Daughter Cousin Sister Father
Lock Level 5: Habitats Answers: Mountain Forest Tree Ocean Grassland Swamp Wetland River
Lock Level 6: Halloween Horror Answers: Monster Witch Beast Skull Skeleton Scare Spider Fear Bone
Lock Level 7: Leisure Answers: Museum Paint Music Dance Shopping Chess Travel Sport Read
Lock Level 8: Words on Signs Answers: Entrance Caution Safe Danger Straight Left Warning Right
Lock Level 9: Hair Salon Answers: Fashion Shampoo Chair Style Customer Braid Texture Towel
Lock Level 10: in the Zoo Answers: Gorilla Visitor Elephant Giraffe Monkey Peacock Dolphin
Lock Level 11: Happen in the Brain Answers: Regret Happy Fear Pity Anxious Miss Angry Nervous Sad Blue
Lock Level 12: Desserts Answers: Custard Brownie Tart Cupcake Pudding Cake Macaron Pastry
Lock Level 13: Dwellings Answers: Inn Motel Building Hut Shed Lodge Flat Apartment Tent Loft
Lock Level 14: Allergic to It Answers: Cat Pollen Grass Wheat Honey Peanut Dairy Alcohol Seafood
Lock Level 15: a Detective Needs Answers: Pen Gloves Coat Hat Watch Notebook Gun Magnifier Recorder
Lock Level 16: Music Answers: Song Album Record Musician Melody Lyric Singer Conductor
Lock Level 17: Easter Answers: Egg Rabbit Bunny Gift Jesus Basket Hunt Celebrate Present
Lock Level 18: Computer Answers: Cable Screen Tablet Battery Laptop Mouse Camera Software
Lock Level 19: Solve a Case Answers: Clue Blood Witness Evidence Truth Hair Suspect Footprint
Lock Level 20: Election Answers: Poll Lobby Campaign Politics Speech Vote Ballot Decision
Key Level 1: Feathered Friends Answers: Owl Turkey Crane Crow Eagle Chicken Goose Ostrich Sparrow
Key Level 2: Seafood Answers: Fish Mussel Kelp Clam Oyster Scallop Tuna Lobster Seaweed
Key Level 3: Hobbies Answers: Jog Paint Diary Piano Dance Guitar Sport Badminton Puzzle
Key Level 4: Types of Festivals Answers: Art Drink Film Beer Music Harvest Food Religious Carnival
Key Level 5: About Environment Answers: Air Waste Recycle Pollution Green Plant Animal Ecosystem
Key Level 6: in Polar Regions Answers: Seal Eskimo Explore Glacier Aurora Snow Penguin Reindeer
Key Level 7: Negative Feelings Answers: Sad Upset Sorry Sick Tense Guilty Fear Miserable Hesitant
Key Level 8: Relocate Answers: New House Adapt Gift Party Settle Truck Furniture Exhaust
Key Level 9: in an Office Answers: Chair Binder Calendar Stapler Scanner Employee Computer
Key Level 10: Rooms Answers: Attic Lobby Kitchen Nursery Cellar Study Lounge Basement
Key Level 11: Valentine’s Day Answers: Hug Cupid February Romantic Sweet Kiss Present Chocolate
Key Level 12: You Often Lose It Answers: Key Money Glasses Interest Weight Socks Wallet Direction
Key Level 13: Building Materials Answers: Mud Cement Lumber Tile Brick Stone Wood Plastic Glass Sand
Key Level 14: Mythical Creatures Answers: Fairy Ghost Unicorn Vampire Demon Hydra Phoenix Werewolf
Key Level 15: It’s Blue Answers: Mood Earth Ocean Pool Smurf Stitch Jeans Blueberry Avatar
Key Level 16: Used for Farming Answers: Fork Harrow Grubber Tractor Shovel Rake Sickle Harvester
Key Level 17: Snacks Answers: Chips Toast Popcorn Biscuit Pretzel Chocolate Croissant
Key Level 18: Fruit Answers: Kiwi Lemon Peach Pear Apple Banana Plum Pineapple Apricot
Key Level 19: Jobs Needing Gloves Answers: Nurse Doctor Dentist Surgeon Cleaner Detective Gardener
Key Level 20: New Year Answers: Age Cheer Firework January Midnight Celebrate Countdown