Word Stars Answers all Levels

Word Stars Answers and Solutions all levels are online for this word puzzle game created by Bit Free Games and available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Stuck and need help because you can´t solve a level? Find below a complete guide.

Word Stars Answers

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Word Stars First Puzzles Level 1 : Red, Strawberry.
Word Stars First Puzzles Level 2 : Am, jam, macaroni.
Word Stars First Puzzles Level 3 : Add, dad, Ladybag.
Word Stars First Puzzles Level 4 : To, toy, crayon.
Word Stars First Puzzles Level 5 : As, saw, was, news.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 1 : Go, ego, geometry.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 2 : My, yum, mummy.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 3 : But, tub, walnut.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 4 : We, woe, owe, jeopardy.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 5 : As, sag, gas, brigade.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 6 : Of, ox, fox, exotic.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 7 : Or, rob, orb, marble.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 8 : Be, we, web, cowboy.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 9 : An, at, ant, tan, snail.
Word Stars Booknappers Level 10 : As, asp, sap, spa, pamper.
Word Stars Meowser Level 1 : Pet, kept, adopt.
Word Stars Meowser Level 2 : Up, pup, pump, volume.
Word Stars Meowser Level 3 : To, lot, Toll, collect.
Word Stars Meowser Level 4 : If, is, fish, his, oasis.
Word Stars Meowser Level 5 : Me, mop, mope, poem, compose.
Word Stars Meowser Level 6 : In, gin, rig, ring, grin, forge.
Word Stars Meowser Level 7 : Go, bog, lob, log, blog, ggoblin.
Word Stars Meowser Level 8 : If, it, fig, fit, gift, nifty.
Word Stars Meowser Level 9 : By, buy, rub, ruby, bury, labyrinth
Word Stars Meowser Level 10 : At, to, act, cat, cot, oat, taco, coat, doctor.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 1 : Sir, iris, vision.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 2 : Fir, furs, surf, cruise.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 3 : Ice, pie, epic, recipe.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 4 : Age, awe, wag, wage, Gather.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 5 : One, meon, none, eon, banner.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 6 : Jet, set, jest, jets, stealth.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 7 : Any, ran, ray, yarn, unravel.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 8 : Den, dye, end, deny, medal.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 9 : Nap, pan, paw, pawn, capture.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 10 : Hop, hops, posh, shop, upscale.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 11 : Fit, sit, fist, fits, sift, sieve.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 12 : Not, ton, too, onto, toon, balloon.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 13 : Ash, had, has, sad, dash, wisdom.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 14 : Bun, rub, run, urn, burn, rubber.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 15 : Hip, his, sip, hips, ship, Trips.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 16 : Are, ear, era, her, hare, hear, hatter.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 17 : Met, tie, emit, item, mite, time, remind.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 18 : Bad, bar, bra, dab, bard, drab, handbag.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 19 : Net, new, ten, wet, newt, went, between.
Word Stars Hoptometrist Level 20 : Art, rat, sat, tar, arts, rats, satr, balster.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 1 : Tie, yet, yeti, rarity.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 2 : Ark, ran, rank, knack.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 3 : Mat, oat, atom, moat, mermaid.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 4 : Her, ire, heir, hire, inherit.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 5 : Age, gem, game, mage, magma.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 6 : Got, hog, hot, goth, slogan.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 7 : Ale, elf, flea, leaf, firefly.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 8 : Aid, via, avid, diva, raving.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 9 : Bad, bed, dab, bade, bead, Thread.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 10 : Gin, sin, gins, sign, sing, Ringside.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 11 : Low, owl, flow, fowl, wolf, folklore.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 12 : Bam, lab, balm, blam, lamb, ramble.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 13 : Aid, air, rid, arid, raid, diamond.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 14 : Man, men, mane, mean, name, hyena.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 15 : Lip, sip, lips, lisp, slip, slock.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 16 : Ant, nag, tag, tan, gnat, tang, orange.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 17 : Our, out, rot, rut, rout, tour, virtual.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 18 : Act, apt, cap, cat, pat, tap, pact, captain.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 19 : Now, own, son, sow, won, owns, snow, sown, frost.
Word Stars Alphayeti Level 20 : Ate, eat, mat, met, tea, mate, meat, tame, team, market.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 1 : Ape, pea, jape, Jelly.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 2 : Lay, clay, lacy, royal.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 3 : Bow, mob, mow, womb, Newborn.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 4 : Ark, par, rap, park, terrace.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 5 : Sat, vat, vast, vats, tavern.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 6 : Gin, ink, kin, king, dignity.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 7 : Lid, oil, old, idol, Dreadlocks.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 8 : And, wad, dawn, wand, powder.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 9 : Day, dry, ray, dray, yard, garden.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 10 : Lap, map, pal, lamp, palm, aplomb.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 11 : Con, eon, one, cone, once, knock.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 12 : Per, pry, rye, prey, pyre, gryphon.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 13 : Gum, mug, sum, gums, mugs, smug, clumsy.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 14 : Ago, got, oat, tag, goat, toga, vogue.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 15 : Lie, vie, evil, live, veil, vile, medieval.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 16 : Ego, ore, roe, ergo, goer, gore, ogre, growl.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 17 : bag, bar, bra, rag, brag, garb, grab, bargain.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 18 : Raw, ray, war, way, wry, yaw, awry, wary, lawyer.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 19 : Nip, pin, sin, sip, nips, pins, snip, spin, tipsy.
Word Stars Bookworm Level 20 : Ace, arc, are, car, ear, era, acre, care, race, arcade.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 1 : Zap, zip, pizza, topping.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 2 : Due, dug, jug, judge, pledge
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 3 : arm, mar, ram, alarm, harmless.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 4 : bug, buy, guy, buggy, luggage.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 5 : Box, bun, nub, unbox, ribbon.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 6 : Cry, pry, try, crypt, pyramid.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 7 : And, nap, pad, pan, panda, dynasty.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 8 : Hot, not, ton, moth, month, another,
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 9 : Ill, rig, gill, girl, grill, burger.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 10 : Hip, hop, pip, pop, hippo, rapping.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 11 : Boo, lob, old, bold, blood, sibling.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 12 : son, also, loan, loans, salon, lashes.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 13 : Hip, rip, chip, rich, chirt, Harping.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 14 : Lad, sad, alas, lads, salad, medley.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 15 : Gas, rag, sag, rags, sags, grass, organic.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 16 : Dry, rid, try, dirt, tidy, dirty, dishes.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 17 : Ash, ask, has, sea, she, sake, shake, shack.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 18 : Gap, hag, par, rag, rap, harp, graph, chart.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 19 : Coy, cry, orc, cork, rock, corky, rocky, road.
Word Stars Hoppoet Level 20 : And, any, can, day, nay, cyan, candy, fondant.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 1 : Eye, men,, enemy, bogyeman.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 2 : Sea, jean, sane, jeans, finest.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 3 : Eel, hew, heel, wheel, steer.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 4 : His, hiss, wish, swish, wings.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 5 : Son, soon, snoop, spoon, scoop.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 6 : Moo, moor, room, groom, forgot.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 7 : Irk, kit, tic, tick, trick, circus.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 8 : Due, dug, fed, feud, fudge, nougat.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 9 : Hid, hit, rid, dirt, third, birthday.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 10 : Ban, boa, jab, job, banjo, ninja.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 11 : Old, fold, food, fool, flood, proof.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 12 : Met, pet, yet, type, empty, notepad.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 13 : Raw, wad, war, draw, ward, award, await.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 14 : Elf, elk, flu, flue, fuel, fluke, golfer.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 15 : Cab, lab, back, balk, lack, black, falcon.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 16 : Ion, nap, nip, pan, pin, pain, piano, repair.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 17 : Ask, sea, sake, sane, sank, snake, sneak, weasel.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 18 : Eon, men, one, move, omen, oven, venom, vendor.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 19 : Ant, nit, tan, tin, tint, taint, titan, gigantic.
Word Stars Grammatologist Level 20 : See, deep, seed, seep, sped, deeps, speed, horsepower.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 1 : Ski, bike, bikes, spokes.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 2 : Ado, aid, duo, audio, radio.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 3 : Ran, run, urn, lunar, planet.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 4 : How, who, why, howdy, dowdy.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 5 : Log, oil, logo, igloo, rregion.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 6 : Nip, pin, pun, zip, unzip, suit.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 7 : Hit, lit, gilt, hilt, light, bright.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 8 : Ill, lid, rid, dill, drill, cordless.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 9 : Sea, maze, same, seam, mazes, meander.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 10 : Cur, curl, curs, slur, curls, haircut.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 11 : Sod, sow, woo, wood, woos, woods, birdsong.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 12 : Saw, was, bass, saws, swab, swabs, cobweb.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 13 : Nit, nut, tin, tiny, unit, unity, mutiny.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 14 : Eon, one, neon, none, oxen, xenon, halogen.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 15 : Bam, lab, balm, blam, lamb, maul, album, blurb.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 16 : Ace, ape, cap, pea, cape, pace, peace, preach.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 17 : Inn, lie, nil, lien, line, nine, linen, flannel.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 18 : Hoe, hot, let, lot, the, toe, hole, hotel, shelter.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 19 : Low, old, owl, rod, row, lord, word, world, explore.
Word Stars Page Burner Level 20 : Bed, bye, dry, dye, red, rye, bred, dyer, derby, rider.