Covfefe – Guess the Picture – Answers all Levels

Covfefe – English Word Quiz Guess the Picture Answers, Cheats and Solutions are available and online for this game developed by Kitiya Ruanpor for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Stuck and need help because you want to solve the complete Trump word’s quiz? Find below a complete list with all answers.

Covfefe Level 1

Bathing. Bouncing. Brushing. Crawling. Crying. Drinking. Eating. Hugging. Jumping. Kicking. Kissing. Playing. Reading. Running. Sitting. Sleeping. Smiling. Standing. Touching. Walking.

Covfefe Level 2

Apple. Banana. Bell. Peppers. Bread. Broccoli. Cake. Candy. Carrot. Celery. Cheese. Cheeseburger. Chocolate. Cookie. Cucumber. Fruits. Grapes. Lemon. Milk. Mushroom. Nuts. Orange. Juice. Orange. Peas. Pie. Pineapple. Pizza. Potatoes. Raisins. Salad. Spinach. Strawberry. Vegetables. Watermelon.

Covfefe Level 3

Bat. Bee. Bird. Cat. Chimpanzee. Cow. Crocodile. Dog. Dolphin. Duck. Elephant. Ferret. Fish. Fox. Giraffe. Gorilla. Grasshopper. Horse. Kangaroo. Koala. Ladybug. Lion. Lizard. Monkey. Mosquito. Orangutan. Rabbit. Rhinoceros. Sheep. Skunk. Snake. Spider. Squirrel. Whale. Zebra.

Covfefe Level 4

Artist. Astronaut. Baker. Chef. Computer. Programmer. Construction. Worker. Detective. Doctor. Electrician. Firefighter. Flight. Attendant. Florist. Janitor. Judge. Mechanic. Musician. Nurse. Painter. Pilot. Plumber. Police. Officer. Postal. Worker. Scientist. Teacher. Truck. Driver. Veterinarian. Waiter.

Covfefe Level 5

Beanie. Blouse. Boots. Boxer. Shorts. Coat. Dress. Flip. Flops. Jacket. Jeans. Overalls. Pants. Sandals. Shirt. Shoes. Shorts. Skirt. Slippers. Sneakers. Socks. Sweater. T-Shirt. Tank. Top. Tie. Underpants. Vest

Covfefe Level 6

Black. Blue. Brown. Gray. Green. Orange. Pink. Purple. Red. White. Yellow

Covfefe Level 7

Banging. Carrying. Catching. Cooking. Driving. Flying. Folding. Jogging. Licking. Opening. Pushing. Riding. Shaking. Singing. Smelling. Stacking. Swimming. Tickling. Washing. Writing.

Covfefe Level 8

Apple. Apricot. Avocado. Banana. Blackberries. Blueberries. Cantaloupe. Cherries. Coconut. Cranberry. Dragon. Fruit. Fruits. Grapefruit. Grapes. Kiwi. Lemon. Lime. Mango. Orange. Papaya. Peach. Pear. Pineapple. Plum. Raspberries. Strawberry. Tomato. Watermelon.

Covfefe Level 9

Calf. Chicks. Cow. Donkey. Duck. Duckling. Foal. Goat. Goose. Hen. Horse. Lamb. Pig. Pony. Rooster. Sheep. Sheepdog. Turkey.

Covfefe Level 10

Backpack. Bag. Barrette. Baseball. Cap. Belt. Beret. Bracelet. Brooch. Cufflinks. Earrings. Glasses. Gloves. Hair. Clip. Handbag. Hat. Headband. Keychain. Mittens. Necklace. Pendant. Ring. Suspenders. Watch.